Historically, individuals facing homelessness were tasked with dealing with any ailments they had while still living in conditions not suitable for human habitation. These individuals were also responsible for the monumental task of becoming self-sufficient with little or no support. CHES program services are based on a model of system support that will provide an individual with the opportunity to permanently end their homelessness and achieve long term sustainability. This innovative approach of pairing Supported Housing and Employment services together with specialized Legal Services, is what ensures the “CHES way” will have success.

Calgary Housing and Employment Services (CHES) provides individuals facing homelessness with supported housing and employment strategies along with specialized legal services that increase quality of life, foster sustainable independence and create more vibrant and inclusive communities in Calgary.

CHES is an active participant in Calgary’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness, a proven effective and coordinated system of care focused on ending homelessness in Calgary by 2018.