Supported Employment Program Overview

The Progressive Supported Employment Program (PSEP) is a voluntary community-based initiative dedicated to removing employment related barriers for individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness. PSEP assists these individuals through a progression care model that focuses on skill acquisition, appropriate employment placement and retention strategies. PSEP provides direct services to men and women who are actively working to change their lives, through basic essential and life skills training and opportunities to engage in the labour market in a controlled, measured and strategic manner and the retention supports required to maintain their new employment.

Service Delivery Model

By providing client driven, holistic supported employment services to clients, PSEP will increase a client’s ability to re-enter the labour market and thus move toward independent living. A vital outcome for our clients is to permanently end their plight with homelessness. Unfortunately, without the appropriate supports to deal with such barriers as lack of pertinent skills, outstanding legal issues and mental health related issues, a formerly homeless person has little chance of proper re-engagement into the system. PSEP is designed to specifically address these barriers and ensure a client progresses through employment opportunities in a manner that builds skills, experience, and the self-confidence needed to compete in today’s labour market.

PSEP uses a client-driven, comprehensive and supportive approach while providing employment procurement and retention services that possess three main outputs:

  1. Identifying, prioritizing and addressing an individual’s life skill needs
  2. Providing continuous employment procurement and retention related support via counseling, case management and mentoring that results in appropriate labour market engagement
  3. Ongoing awareness-building and education for those facing homelessness, the labour market and the community at large



The overall goal of PSEP is to achieve sustainable independent living through meaningful labour market engagement, with the following measurable outcomes:

  • A 75% increase in appropriate labour market engagement
  • A 95% increase in essential and life skills
  • 100% of PSEP clients will have their homeless related legal issues addressed
  • A 35% decline in client use of social assistance after 6 months of employment
  • An 85% reduction in the rate of clients returning to homelessness